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Discover a world of flavors from top local restaurants, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.
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Why wemakan?

Three words; Affordable, Fast, Secure.
Features included :
Fair and Affordable Prices
No Hidden Fees, No Surprises
No Sudden Price Adjustments
Provides 24/7 Live Support
Order Seamlessly with CC/DC
Real-Time Tracking
Other Apps
Features not included :
Increased Cost
Limited Control over Food Quality
Longer Delivery Times
Environmental Impact
Lack of Social Interaction
Tons of Technical Errors

One platform for all of your orders

Cutting-edge food-delivery app designed to revolutionize your dining experience.

Discover all your favorite restaurants in one place

With a seamless and user-friendly interface, our app brings a world of culinary delights right to your fingertips.
Over 100+ restaurants.
Order at anytime, anywhere.
Extremely fast delivery services.

Say goodbye to chaos and confusion

Managing Orders provides a centralized platform to manage all your food orders in one place. Keep track of incoming orders, monitor their status, and organize deliveries seamlessly
Seamless ordering.
No hidden charges.
Need help? Our 24/7 team is here to assist!

Monitor all your spending and budget in one place

Gain valuable insights into your food delivery spending habits, allowing you to make informed decisions and effectively manage your budget.
Transparent spending analysis.
Detailed transaction history.
Savings and rewards tracking.

Track your order accurately in real-time instantly

We provide real-time visibility into the status of your delivery easily. Track your order from the moment it's placed until it reaches your doorstep.
No uncertainty. Get accurate delivery times.
Stay in the loop with each updates and notifications.
Contactless delivery option available to everyone.

WeMakan is proudly rated 4.9/5 in all the places

"the interface is excellent"
"improvements in every release"
"'The downfall of FoodPanda is coming"
"With low fees, benefiting both customers and restaurants. Truly a game-changer in the industry, bringing affordability and delicious meals together!"
Alex Jansons
Venture Capitalist
"Revolutionary food delivery app idea with unbeatable low fees. A win-win for customers and restaurants, promoting affordability and culinary delights. Prepare for a game-changer in the industry!"
Anne Flanders
"Extraordinary app idea. Its remarkably low fees, unlocking affordability for customers and empowering restaurants to thrive. Get ready for a groundbreaking experience in the world of food delivery!"
Joshua Cooper
Senior VC

Partner and elevate your business with
with WeMakan

Increased Reach and Visibility
Gain larger audience reach and visibility with our marketing and promotional team.
Customer RS Management
Provide tailored recommendations to every single customers.
Operational Efficiency
Handle online orders efficiently and quickly, ensuring customer satisfaction.
On-Time Deliveries
Ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery experience for both restaurants and customers.
Low-Fee Rates
WeMakan reduces transaction and on-boarding fees, attracting new restaurants to join the trillion-dollar industry.
Data Analytics and Insights
Gain access to valuable data analytics and insights. Enhance the overall customer experience.

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